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paul weller dublin 2014

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adam ant hammersmith odeon april 19 2014

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the sex pistols - never mind the baubles [video]

Anarchy in Huddersfield: the day the Sex Pistols played Santa

Never Mind the Baubles features footage of benefit gig – and final UK show – band played for children of striking firefighters

Sex Pistols in Huddersfield

Johnny Rotten handed out badges, posters and other Sex Pistols-branded goodies. Teens and young children hit the dancefloor with Sid Vicious to boogie to pop hits such as Baccara's Yes Sir, I Can Boogie and (yes, really) Daddy Cool by Boney M. Then Rotten leapt into a giant Christmas cake and the band and audience smeared each other with food.
The Sex Pistols' last UK gig – a benefit for the children of striking firefighters at Ivanhoe's nightclub in Huddersfield on Christmas Day 1977 – remains their most implausible. However, almost 36 years to the day later, this surreal milestone is landing on our screens via Never Mind the Baubles: Xmas '77 With the Pistols, to be shown on BBC4 on Boxing Day at 10pm.
"It's footage I filmed on a big old crappy U-matic low-band camera," explains director Julien Temple, who dodged flying cake and pogoing punks to record the two performances (an afternoon children's matinee and an adult evening show) from 25 December 1977. "But it's right in their face. I'm right up there with them. It's probably the best footage of the Pistols on film but it's never been seen."
Not much of it, anyway. Snippets of Temple's Huddersfield footage have appeared before in his 2000 documentary film The Filth and the Fury, and in a nine-minute short made by West Yorkshire film-maker Peter Spence in 2008. However, this will be the first time anyone has seen the near-mythical show in what Temple calls "its full, unbelievably energetic glory".
As well as documenting what would be the last home stand of one of Britain's most influential groups, Never Mind the Baubles captures a different side of the band. Here are Britain's most notorious punk band putting on daft hats and being kind to children.
As Temple remembers, they arrived in Huddersfield at the height of a moral panic and tabloid frenzy. "To most people they were monsters in the news. But seeing them playing to seven- and eight-year-olds is beautiful. They were a radical band, but there was a lot more heart to that group than people know."
By December 1977, the Pistols were banned from playing almost anywhere in the UK. "They were even banned from Holiday Inns," says the director. "Like Mary and Joseph."
Meanwhile, the firefighters had been on strike for nine weeks and were struggling to feed their children. A benefit gig was ideal for both sides.
"The cake was the size of a car bonnet and had 'Sex Pistols' written on it," policeman Jez Scott, who had been a 16-year-old punk at the gig,said in 2007. "I got a yellow skateboard with pink wheels – like the Never Mind the Bollocks album cover – by winning the pogoing competition. The gig itself was great, very exciting. I remember they played Bodies, but omitted the swear words because of the children."
Earlier this year, Rotten (aka John Lydon, who fronts Public Image Ltd), told the Guardian the gig at Ivanhoe's was "one of the highlights of mine and Sid's career". Two weeks after the gig, the Pistols broke up and shortly afterwards Vicious was dead.
Today, although the old frontage remains, Ivanhoe's is a supermarket. However, Temple promises not just "the last piece of the jigsaw" but a "Pistolian meditation on the subject of Christmas", with interviews with band members and those who were children at the gig.
"It's going back to what was on television that day and what Christmas was like back then. Christmas 1977 is a surreal, strange place to visit.
"In a way, the Pistols seem the only thing that's connected with today. Everything else seems halfway into the Victorian period, whereas the Pistols seem very modern and aware of what's going to happen. Hopefully, there's resonance in the fuel bills and firemen's strikes of today. Even though it's a different planet, people face the same problems.
"The sound with just one camera is raw and searing. I hope kids watching it today will go: 'Fuck me, bands like that just don't exist.'"

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snub tv re up

as requested ....

(BBC2, 10 episodes, 1991)

January 1991 on BBC2 as part of the DEF II youth strand.

Episode 1: (29' 16")

11.59 "3 AM" (video)
Ultra Vivid Scene "Special One" (video)
Jah Shaka & Mad Professor interview
Jah Shaka & The Fasimbas "My Song" (live studio)
Parchman "Ride" (SnubTV video)
Definition of Sound "Now is Tomorrow" (video)
Teenage Fanclub interview, "Everything Flows" (live)
The Fall "High Tension Line" (video)
Fortran 5 "Love Baby" (video)

Episode 2: (29' 13")

The Darkside "Good for Me" (SnubTV video)
Dinosaur Jr, J. Mascis & Murph interview, "Freak Scene" (SnubTV video extract), "The Wagon" (video)
The Scientist "The Bee" (video)
Manic Street Preachers, interview, "Motown Junk" (Live)
Pixies "Velouria" (video)
Spirea X, Jim Beattie interview, "Chlorine Dream" (live)
Frontline Assembly "Virus" (video)

Episode 3: (29' 08")

Throwing Muses "Counting Backwards" (video)
Drive "Greasegun" (live)
Creation Records feature on the label's interest in dance music on the release of the "Keeping the Faith" compliation album, Ed Ball interview, Bobby Gillespie interview, Primal Scream "Loaded" (video extract), Tony Martin aka Hypnotone interview, Hypnotone "Dream Beam" (video extract), Kevin Shields & Belinda Butcher interview, My Bloody Valentine "To Here Knows When" (video)
Shut Up and Dance "Derek Went Mad" (video)
The Cure, Robert Smith interview, "The Big Hand" (live), "Away"
Spacemen 3 "Big City" (video extract)

Episode 4: (28' 19") Titles and intro missing

The Heartthrobs "She's in a Trance"
Massive aka Massive Attack, interview, "Daydreaming" (video extract), "Unfinished Sympathy" (video)
Crime & The City Solution "The Dolphins and the Sharks" (video)
William Burroughs "Thanksgiving Prayer" (video)
Young Disciples, interview, "Step Right On" (video extract), "Apparently Nothin'" (video)
The Godfathers "Unreal World" (video)
Coil "Windowpane" (video)

Episode 5: (28' 03")

Neds Atomic Dustbin "Happy" (video)
Son of Bazerk "Change the Style" (video)
Slowdive "Morningrise" (video)
The The "Jealous of Youth" (live)
Curve "Ten Little Girls" (video)
Trip, interview, "Miss You" (video)
Bleach "Dipping" (video)
Buffalo Tom "Fortune Teller" (video)

Episode 6: (29' 03")

The Telescopes "Celeste" (video)
Caveman, interview, "I'm Ready"
Catherine Wheel "She's My Friend" (live)
The Dylans "Godlike" (SnubTV video)
Galliano, interview, "Nothing Has Changed" (live extract), "Storm Clouds Gather" (live)
Kitchens of Distinction "Drive That Fast" (video)

Episode 7: (28' 18")

Ride "Unfamiliar" (video)
Stereo MC's, interview, "Lost in Music" (SnubTV video)
Cranes, interview, "Reach" (live)
Ruthless Rap Assassins "Justice (Just Us)" (video)
Gallon Drunk "Draggin' Along" (live)
Chapter and the Verse, Colin Thorpe & Aniff Cousins interview, "Black Whip" (live)
Cranes "Sixth of May" (live)

Episode 8: (29' 23")

Ocean Colour Scene "Yesterday Today" (live)
Butthole Surfers "Hurdy Gurdy Man" (video)
Boys Own Records feature, Bocca Juniors "Raise" (video extract), Andrew Weatherall, Terry Farley, Pete Heller interview, Less Stress "Don't Dream it's Over" (video), Bocca Juniors "Substance" (studio recording)
Moose, interviewed by Emma form Lush, "Jack" (live)
World of Twist, interview, "Sons of the Stage" (video)
Ocean Colour Scene, interview, "Sway" (live)

Episode 9: (29' 14")

Cocteau Twins "Orange Appled" (live)
Gunshot "Crime Story" (video)
Chapterhouse, interview by Miki from Lush, "Pearl" (live)
Gary Clail & On U Sound, interview, "Human Nature" (video)
Blue Orchids "Hanging Man" (live)
Krispy 3, interview, "Destroy the Stereotypes" (live)
Cocteau Twins "Ella Megalast Burls Forever" (live)
Intastella "Dream Some Paradise" (video)

Episode 10: (29' 28")

Top "She's Got All The World" (live)
Flowered Up, interview, "Take It" (SnubTV video)
Soul Family Sensation, Jolissa & Jonathan interview, "Perfect Life" (live)
Wolfgang Press, interview, "Mama Told me not to Come" (video)
Boo Radleys, interview, "Happens to us All" (live)
Top, interview, "Buzzin'" (live)
Rebel MC, interview, "The Wickedest Sound" (video)


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the arctic monkeys -itunes festival-2013 -dvd


original info file(included)....

ARCTIC MONKEYS - "ITunes Festival" - Roundhouse - London - 09-09-13

More details and artwork :

Setlist :
01 – Do I Wanna Know ?
02 – Brianstorm
03 – Dancing Shoes
04 – Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair
05 – Teddy Picker
06 – Crying Lightning
07 – Snap Out Of It
08 – Brick By Brick
09 – Old Yellow Bricks
10 – Fireside (with Bill Ryder-Jones - ex The Coral)
11 – Arabella
12 – Pretty Visitors
13 – I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
14 – One For the Road
15 – Cornerstone
16 – Fluorescent Adolescent
17 – Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High ?
18 – R U Mine ?
Encore :
19 – Suck It And See
20 – 505 (with Miles Kane)

Technical info  :
DVD Full Pro-shot
Video : Mpeg - 720 X 576 (initially HD 1920 x 1280) - 25 FPS - 16:9
Audio : Mpeg - 48000 Hz
Running Time : 86 mns
Size : 3,94 Go
Menu & Chapters

Enjoy !

Cheers !



download  pt1
download  pt2

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anarchy in the uk 6music doc with glenn matlock 2013

Sex Pistols bassist Glen Matlock telles the story of punk rock.

2 hour long programmes


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the clash 6music special

Gideon celebrates British Rock and Roll legends The Clash with a 3 hour special tonight featuring interviews with Mick Jones, Paul Simonon and Topper Headon alongside rare tracks and archive material handpicked by the band. Hear them talk about who was the best footballer, how Topper Headon ended up writing most of their successful songs and why what they wore was so important to full 3hr programme